Wendy Wang

Wendy Wang

With decades of collective experience in courtrooms across the world, our team is focused on delivering the correct decision for our clients. We achieve this through a combination of dedication to our clients, focusing on innovative solutions and drawing on our wealth of legal knowledge. At every step of the way, even in your most darkest days, we’ll stand by you in solid support.

Ms Wang has a Degree in Philosophy from Beijing Normal University and a law Degree from Beijing University.

After her graduation, she began her career in 1989 as a Judge in Jinan, Shandong, China. As a Judge, she sat on civil and administrative matters and continued to do so for next ten years. These matters include family, land, Intellectual Property and civil contractual disputes.

Ms Wang migrated to Singapore in 2000 and obtained special permission from the Singapore Attorney-General Chambers to practise Chinese Law as a Foreign Law Advisor.

Ms Wang specialises in assisting clients from Singapore who want to make investments in China. She also provided legal advice to Singaporean clients in family, civil and criminal disputes, and intellectual property matters in China.

She has professional ties with many law firms in China, including firms in Shanghai, Beijing, Shandong, Guangdong, Dalian, Shen Zhen and Fujian. These ties allow her to facilitate legal services for her clients with legal issues in China.

Together with our team of lawyers practising Singapore Law, Ms Wang’s niche knowledge and skill set allows her to provide clients with interests in China with the highest level of legal services.

As Wendy is close to the community from China, who are based in Singapore, she also helps to coordinate and liaise with them together with the Singapore legal team to deliver a seamless service to clients.

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