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A law firm is a business entity that is engaged in the practice of law. Formed by a group of lawyers, a law firm provides two basic services:

  • Advise individuals or corporations about their legal rights and responsibilities, and
  • Represent individuals or corporations in business transactions, civil or criminal cases, and other matters where legal assistance is required

Lawyers in Singapore usually specialise in corporate law, litigation, or conveyancing. They can be both a solicitor and an advocate (also called barrister).

Law firms offer legal services covering a wide field including civil law, family law, commercial law, securities law, and intellectual property. Practising lawyers typically focus on one or two key areas.

Hierarchy in a law firm ranges from associate to partner. The legal associate is usually in charge of fact finding and researching the relevant law for a specific case. The senior associate supervises junior associates and reports directly to a partner in the law firm. When a senior associate gets promoted to salaried partner, he or she becomes the leader of the strategizing process.

Among the tasks of a salaried partner include deciding on the best argument in litigation cases as well as the most advantageous position in corporate deals. When the salaried partner gets promoted to equity partner, the role shifts to making business pitches to attract new clients and improve revenue.

In smaller law firms, lawyers have to do all aspects of legal work due to the lack of personnel. They also tend to be more generalists than specialised.

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