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Employment Lawyer Singapore

The Employment Act regulates all legal matters related to employment in Singapore. An employment lawyer is knowledgeable in employment practice and can represent employees or employers.

What an employment lawyer can do for you?

Employment contracts are an important legal document. Here are some of the things an employment lawyer can do for you.

  • Draft contracts

An employment contract stipulates all the terms and conditions of the employee-employer relationship. These include salary, work hours, bonuses, non-compete clauses, and other provisions. Employment lawyers draft contracts to ensure that they are legal and precise.

  • Help hire expatriates

If you are looking to hire a foreign worker, you need an employment lawyer to help you navigate the multi-layered process of hiring expatriates in Singapore. They are well-versed on the different application requirements for various industries and skill levels.

  • Represent employees in wrongful treatment cases

The Straits Times reported an increase in the demand for litigation as more employees are now suing for discrimination or harassment at the workplace.

According to the Protection from Harassment Act, causing distress to someone else is punishable by law. This includes threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour. An employment lawyer will advise you on the best course of action and determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to. In the event of wrongful termination, an employment lawyer can help you get reinstated into the company.

  • Resolve contractual disputes

Contractual disputes can be a source of conflict between an employer and an employee. Common points of contention include unpaid salary and overtime pay. When the parties are unable to find a compromise, the next step is to seek litigation. Once the dispute reaches this phase, your lawyer can help determine the best resolution.

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