Criminal Defence Lawyer Singapore

There are around 12,000 people who face criminal charges without a lawyer every year. While representation may not be compulsory, a criminal defence lawyer can help a client defend himself in court and increase his chances of obtaining a favourable decision.

What does a criminal defence attorney do?

A criminal defence lawyer specialises in criminal law, is highly knowledgeable of the criminal justice system, and has substantial experience dealing with criminal cases.

When do you need a criminal justice advocate?

If you have been charged with committing a criminal offence, you need to hire a criminal defence lawyer.

What can a criminal defence lawyer do for you?

When you are arrested, the first thing a criminal lawyer will do is help you post bail. The next step is to write letters on your behalf, explaining your side of the story and asking the prosecution to reduce or drop the charges.

If the prosecution decides to proceed with the charges against you, your lawyer will provide you with options on how to plead and contest the charges in court. Your lawyer can advise you on potential conviction and sentencing you may face.

Once you go to trial, your lawyer will try to convince the court to decide in your favour. Not only will an excellent defence lawyer have a significant understanding of criminal law but also be familiar with court proceedings. Your lawyer should be able to mount a strong defence based on evidence and legal arguments. In the event that you decide to plead guilty, you still need a defence attorney to convince the court to reduce your sentence.

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