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There are around 12,000 people who face criminal charges without a lawyer every year. While representation may not be compulsory, a criminal defence lawyer can help a client defend himself in court and increase his chances of obtaining a favourable decision.

What does a criminal defence attorney do?

A criminal defence lawyer specialises in criminal law, is highly knowledgeable of the criminal justice system, and has substantial experience dealing with criminal cases.

When do you need a criminal justice advocate?

If you have been charged with committing a criminal offence, you need to hire a criminal defence lawyer.

What can a criminal defence lawyer do for you?

When you are arrested, the first thing a criminal lawyer will do is help you post bail. The next step is to write letters on your behalf, explaining your side of the story and asking the prosecution to reduce or drop the charges.

If the prosecution decides to proceed with the charges against you, your lawyer will provide you with options on how to plead and contest the charges in court. Your lawyer can advise you on potential conviction and sentencing you may face.

Once you go to trial, your lawyer will try to convince the court to decide in your favour. Not only will an excellent defence lawyer have a significant understanding of criminal law but also be familiar with court proceedings. Your lawyer should be able to mount a strong defence based on evidence and legal arguments. In the event that you decide to plead guilty, you still need a defence attorney to convince the court to reduce your sentence.

criminal defence Lawyer Eric Liew


Our Mr Eric Liew had practiced criminal law for more than twenty (20) years. In his experience, he had represented clients accused of a wide range of criminal offences which spreads from contentious parking offences to Capital Drug Charges offences, at the High Court.

In between the two spectrum above, cases handled include aggravated molest, serial rape for sexual offences to cases of unlawful assembly, rioting, both types of which cases attract a wide sentencing threshold from fines to various jail terms plus caning. For the drugs related (non-capital cases), they range from consumption possession, to trafficking, which attract a great difference of jail terms.

For the drugs related (capital cases accused of whom faces the death penalty), he take great gratification in being involved with “saving” accused from the gallows with the end result of helping accused who were “Drug Mules” by escaping the Rope and had their sentence
reduced to one of jail term instead.

He also handled Road Traffic Offences ranging from Drunk Driving charges, use of mobile devices, negligent to Reckless Driving causing injuries or death, over the years. He had also represented Military personnel’s accused and charged to the Military Court Martial. Cases there involved Insubordination, Indecent Behaviour whilst in detention at the Detention Barracks, assaults, absence without official leave, to officers acting against the good order and discipline of an SAF personnel by instigating gambling and colluding with loan shark activities.

There were also drug related cases in camp including consumption to possession, by raid of Military police, which through representation and arguments of factual evidence had led to a withdrawal of the charges by MINDEF legal services. In the course of rendering such Military related cases, he had also advised on ill treatment cases in the courses of training, to the officer falsely accused.

In handling the above cases, we offered to our clients their best chances of a Defence or sentencing by pitching it in the best light and mitigating factors by a Plea with the Court, before the sentencing of each case. 

As freedom and liberty of accused are always at stake, we believe that an effective presentation of the case scenario is crucial to influence the degree of seriousness to the charges preferred by the Prosecutor and subsequently later in proceedings, to the Judges at the Court to ensure a fairer sentencing, if not a complete Defence to the accused.

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